about us

Rally is more than just a cheer, a chant, or a mantra. It is about us doing the improbable or the expected in the face of adversity. It is the unconventional win against the established way of doing things. For us, Rally is bringing art and artists into the everyday. We place creative inspiration smack dab in the center of life and demand that it is has a place to be there as much as it does on a museum wall. Our goal is to integrate local artist and their art into the unexpected and to have a party while doing so.

Our roots are as artists, makers, and dreamers. Started by two friends Marissa Raglin and Josh Vaughn, who have a passion and vision for making art accessible to all. Through their collaborations in art, curation, and life in general, they saw the need to inject creativity into the world around them. Between the two of them, they believe together that they can do the improbable, and do it with style.

Rally is an artist-led platform advocating for Oklahoma artists, creating unique exhibitions and events occupying unlikely spaces that introduce visual art experiences to new audiences.

marissa raglin

Rally - about us - Marissa Raglin

Marissa is an artist, event planner, and overall extroverted juggernaut, yet all of that takes a back seat to being a wife to husband Nathan and mom to her heartbeat, her son Quinn. Her medium of choice is collage and mixed media. She is a nationally exhibited artist with works in public and private collections. Her experience as an event planner is legendary. While detailed oriented, Marissa’s number one priority is to make sure everyone is having fun. She always is looking to how she can mix things up a bit and take anything to the next level.

josh vaughn

Rally - about us - Josh Vaughn

Josh is a champion for local art and artists. He finds just as much joy in enabling others to share their art with others as he does in sharing his film and digital photography with the world. He and his wife Cathy, who is a fellow artist as well, spend much of their free time supporting and encouraging the local creative communities. You can find Josh’s work in local and national exhibitions, as well as in various publications and marketing mediums. He also has a love for curating and collaboration. If you need help turning your crazy art event idea into a boots-on-the-ground task list then he’s your man.

the intentionalist

Both Marissa and Josh agree that Rally, among many other things, would not be possible without the Intentionalist artist care group. The Intentionalist started off as a breakout small group session from an ArtistINC OKC workshop in 2015. Five multi-disciplinary artists met weekly for the duration of the 8-week workshop. The bond created over this short span of time solidified almost instantaneously. The five, Gayle Curry, Heather Clark Hilliard, Marissa Raglin, Josh Vaughn, and Brendon Williams, knew that what they had, went far beyond a workshop. The five still meet monthly sharing art, work, and most importantly life together.